Public Projects

We understand the stakes when you’re spending public money.

As part of a public-funded project team, we know you operate in a landscape dominated by strict compliance standards for competition, transparency, and ethics. Resources are tight, and regulations mean the administrative process can be a huge time and cost sink.

When you partner with Mid-Atlantic Sports, the preliminary due diligence in the competitive procurement process is already done for you as part of our cooperative purchasing arrangement with TIPS. This means speedier contract creation, rapid completion, reduced administrative costs, lower prices, and overall superior outcomes.

We take away the need for costly complicated RFP and bid solicitation processes and allow you to focus directly on getting your new sports facility built faster, and at the best price.


  • Fully accredited member of TIPS
  • We understand the detailed reporting needs of public procurement
  • Our design-build approach delivers inherent transparency


TIPS is a national purchasing cooperative that offers the streamlined opportunity to purchase the best quality product at the lowest possible price to its membership. For public-funded agencies like education providers, and city or county governments, our membership with TIPS delivers you access to competitively procured contracts without the administrative red tape that ties up the traditional RFP/bidding process.

“Pride in workmanship is not dead. Mid-Atlantic is a prime example.” Ken King, Business Administrator School District of Springfield Township