One of the spectacular advantages of modern synthetic turf is its incredible durability. Nothing is indestructible however, and after years of wear and tear, it is common for small repairs to be needed.

Often it’s obvious that something is amiss and needs repair. For example, a high traffic area in front of a goal may clearly wear at a different rate to the rest of the field, but sometimes, damage,  defects and safety hazards go unnoticed to casual inspection. Mid-Atlantic Sports offers comprehensive inspection and immediate emergency repair services.

Seam Repair
Inlay & Logo Repair
High Traffic Repair

All artificial turf field systems have seams. With long-term use, seams can rupture and the two turf panels begin to separate, requiring professional repair. Seam damage can greatly reduce the life of your turf system and present a major safety hazard for players. Contact us for rapid-turnaround seam inspection and repair.

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Inlaid line marking, lettering, and logos can loosen or detach from the rest of the field’s turf, in much the same way as seam damage, also presenting a major safety hazard and requiring professional repair. If your inlay needs repair, contact us today.

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Areas that see increased traffic such as lacrosse goals and baseball bases will often wear faster than the rest of the field. Mid-Atlantic carefully removes the affected turf area, and replaces it with new turf to match the aesthetics of the field, maximizing the lifespan of your whole turf system.

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