Why Mid-Atlantic Making the Complex. Simple.

We design, build and care for exceptional sports facilities.

Mid-Atlantic Sports are the design-build experts. This means we support your team at every stage to take your project from concept through construction and maintenance for the life of your facility.

We deliver confidence and capability, with a team of committed professionals who can guarantee your project’s success at every milestone.

Purposeful Collaboration
Delivers Better Results.

Whether you’re a public or private organization, big or small, our design-build process delivers innovation, efficiency and speed, allowing you to do more with your available resources. Because we are solely responsible for every part of the design, planning and construction of your facility, we deliver higher quality projects faster and at the most cost-effective price.

Getting your project out of the idea stage is the first step in getting it funded, approved and built. We’ll help you develop and achieve your vision, from the development and programming of your project, through the creation of your master plan, renderings and fund-raising materials.

Our design-build approach means the construction requirements of the project inform the design decisions and vice-versa, so there are no engineering, permitting or on-site surprises.

Our in-house team manages construction end-to-end. We employ an integrative transparent process with direct communication that delivers winning results.

Institute of America

Design-build is simply a better way to deliver successful construction projects, and it’s a fundamental part of who we are. It gives us the flexibility to offer the best construction solutions and create the very best athletic facilities for you. That’s why we are fully accredited by the DBIA.


We’re the undisputed
turf system experts.

Choosing the right turf is incredibly important, but there’s much more to it than appears on the surface. With 20 years of experience, we specialize in integrating soil characteristics, drainage schemes, base construction and turf system selection to build world-class playing surfaces.

We’re turf neutral. This means we don’t have exclusivity with any manufacturers. This allows us to seek out the most advanced developments in player safety, underlayment pad systems and organic and alternative infills. We build the right system, from the ground up, for your project, so you get optimum sporting performance, uncompromising athlete safety, and unmatched system longevity.

The Importance Of

Most sports construction companies who use synthetic surfaces are beholden to contractual arrangements with one specific turf manufacturer, which means you could end up getting sold on a turf solution that best suits the turf company, not your athletes and their safety.

We take great pride in being one of the very few players in this industry without obligations to specific turf manufacturers. This allows us the flexibility to offer the best product choices for your project–because we offer every product choice.
We build you the right turf system to match your budget,
your needs, and your athletes without compromise.
We aren’t limited by product selection, and neither are you.