Caring for your turf field properly is essential to ensure long lasting performance and playability,  and more importantly the ongoing protection of your athletes for the greatest return on your investment, long into the future.

Over time and use, debris and bacteria can build up in the infill and the playing surface becomes compacted, reducing the lifespan of your field and increasing athlete injury.   

Mid-Atlantic offers comprehensive inspection, maintenance and care options for all turf fields so your turf system delivers like-new performance and your athletes continue playing safely at their best, season after season. Contact us for expert care of your turf field.


Sports fields accumulate an amazing amount of debris with frequent use, including skin cells, pollen, dirt, hair, leaf litter, metal and plastic objects. All these objects lead to degradation of your playing surface, so regular grooming and debris removal is necessary to stand up grass fibers, level out the infill and keep your field at optimal performance and safety.

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All synthetic turf systems will experience infill compaction over time as infill settles and micro debris accumulates, leading to an increase in playing surface hardness. This can have a catastrophic effect on athlete safety if not properly addressed. At Mid-Atlantic, we recommend decompaction and deep cleaning at least once a year. The decompaction and deep cleaning process deeply agitates the infill layer while a HEPA filtration system captures and separates unwanted materials such as microplastics, dust, allergens, and airborne particles from the infill. This results in a softer playing surface and protects your athletes from injury.

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As the old saying goes, players leave their blood sweat and tears on the field in the fight for victory. This builds up over playing seasons in the infill along with other organic matter. Left unchecked, this can lead to high levels of bacteria and viruses in your field. Mid-Atlantic Sports can perform regular disinfection to keep your field sanitized and safe.

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Infill consistency plays a huge part in synthetic turf field performance. Turf systems lose around 5% of their infill annually. If infill levels are allowed to become depleted, playing performance suffers, wear increases and athletes are at a much higher risk for injury. We offer regular infill inspection and top dressing replenishment to keep your playing surface in top shape.

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