Track & Field


Speed is key on the track, but spikes take their toll on the surface.

Chasing down records is the ultimate pursuit for a track athlete, and the optimal track surface is critical. Every surface has a definite impact on speed, technique and injury prevention. And it has to be able to perform in any weather, standing up to constant abuse from spikes.

We build running tracks the same way we approach all our projects, starting from the ground up. Reliable performance characteristics, good drainage and long lasting durability all start with a perfect foundation. We handle all aspects from design through construction, right up to the starting gun.

We will guide you through the surface selection process and build you the surface system that best suits your facility. There’s a range of IAAF approved options from a spray system, layered “sandwich” system to Olympic standard full-pour systems as well as custom color and logo choices.

We will also help you repair, maintain and resurface your existing synthetic surface.