Mid-Atlantic Sports offers a better alternative to the multi-contractor “design-bid-build” process historically used in construction projects, where the owner manages separate contracts for the designer and the building contractor, and one hand may not know what the other is doing.

In the design-build process, Mid-Atlantic Sports acts as the single source for both design and construction. From the beginning, we handle every requirement of the project including conceptual planning, renderings, project design, engineering, scheduling, budgeting, life-cycle analysis and quality control.


Our design-build process enables us to deliver world-class end-to-end sports facilities that perfectly meet your scope, schedule, and budget. Because Mid-Atlantic Sports is the sole contractor and single point of contact, it streamlines communication, encourages collaboration, eliminates schedule and scope creep, and ultimately reduces the overall project cost.

Outdated Project Process

  • Owner is responsible for multiple points of communication
  • Owner manages multiple contracts for design and construction
  • Adversarial relationship between design and construction parties
  • Owner engagement at all stages can be low


  • Owner only manages a single contract with the design-builder
  • Unified team addresses design and construction needs simultaneously
  • Encourages innovation, collaboration and problem solving
  • Streamlined communication and increased owner involvement

Substantial Cost Savings

Built-in efficiency throughout the process delivers cost savings over design-bid-build methods, reducing opportunity costs, as well as eliminating surprise cost growth.

Faster Delivery

Because design, permitting, and construction activities all happen concurrently, design-build projects are ready to play on up to 35% faster.

Higher Quality

The turn-key, single-source responsibility inherent in design-build eliminates conflicts between design and construction, encourages cooperative collaboration and is a powerful motivator for quality of workmanship.

Greater Control

Project owners have deep, detailed involvement in the design and cost from an early stage.

From Grand Ideas
to Game-On.

Design-build from start to finish is undoubtedly the best way to build great athletic facilities, but we will meet you wherever you are in the process to bring the very best facilities to life.


Every project begins with detailed, careful planning, and Mid-Atlantic Sports has the expertise and capabilities to start with your team from scratch. We will identify project objectives and milestones, help you design a master plan, establish timelines, and set a realistic budget.

We will also consider how your sports complex exists within, and complements, the overall campus environment. When all you have is unbroken ground and big ideas for a top-level sports facility, we can help take your project from a great idea and get it into shape for fundraising and sign-off.


1 Define project objectives and milestones
2 Identify and define project budgets
3 Conduct feasibility and cost analysis
4 Integrate project into existing and pre-planned campus/local environments
5 Create Renderings and Fundraising Materials
6 Prepare conceptual site drawings


Every project is unique, with its own engineering, permitting and construction planning challenges. Our design-build approach allows us to lay the groundwork for the best project outcomes, nail down costs early and with full transparency, and deliver a complete, approved construction plan.


1 Create layout plan
2 Identify site engineering challenges and requirements
3 Perform Field Studies and Soils Testing
4 Build comprehensive project budgets
5 Develop schedule and applicable site specific logistics plan
6 Refine the complete project scope, design, logistics and cost
7 Obtain all necessary regulatory approvals for the project to be shovel ready


When it’s time to put the plans into action, Mid-Atlantic Sports has the complete construction capabilities to get your project built to the highest standards, on time and on budget.


1 Transparent project reporting
2 Scheduling and logistics
3 Insurance administration
4 In-house critical component construction
5 Project management and construction supervision